Backstage is an experimental and beautiful film about Aida and her dance troupe touring Morocco. An injury during a performance brings out conflicts in the troupe, and leads them in search of a doctor, along the dark road.

Backstage takes us to a dance show where the beauty of the performance is undermined by the conflict that arises between the main dancers, Aida and Hedi. Internal tensions within the dance company impact the show; however, thanks to the professionalism of the performers, the audience does not notice when Aida gets injured. The exciting and rhythmic action on stage is replaced by a slow dynamic behind the scenes.

Aida's injury brings out conflicts in the team as they make their way to the doctor through the dark road. The journey highlights the contrast between the harmonious world dancers convey on stage and the disharmony they live with behind it.

Maka Dolidze

Country Marokko

Year 2023

Director Afef Ben Mahmoud & Khalil Benkirane

Screenplay Afef Ben Mahmoud

Cinematography Manjamin Rufi

Producer Khalil Benkirane, Afef Ben Mahmoud, Isabelle Truc, Tania El Khoury

Production Company Lycia Production

Norwegian co-producer Marie Fuglestein Lægreid, Linda Bolstad Strønen, Ingrid Lill Høgtun

Norwegian co-production company DUOfilm AS

Runtime 1h 42m

Language Arabisk

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