In the mountainous Northern Pakistan, two families have a long-standing feud. To end this, ten year old Zainab is to be wed to tribal leader Tor Gul. To avoid this Allah Raki flees the village with her daughter on tow. With the reluctant help of trucker Shebaz Khan, they manage to get away, but the deadly pursuers are always close behind. The Pakistani film industry has for a long time been riddled with Masala films, which are films of no specific genre, mostly catering to a male audience. In this environment, a film with a female protagonist by a female director has found its way to the screen, but not without difficulties

This text is from the Films from the South Festival, where the film had its Scandinavian Premiere.

"An unsentimental tribute to the transformative power of maternal love"
-Slant Magazine

"Dukhtar is compelling, visually beautiful and more importantly, an unpretentious well-told story"
-Flick Feast

Original title Dukhtar

Country Pakistan

Year 2014

Director Afia Nathaniel

Producer Afia Nathaniel & Muhammad Khalid Ali

Production Company Zambeel Films

Norwegian co-producer Carsten Aanonsen

Norwegian co-production company Indiefilm AS

Runtime 1h 33m

Language Urdu

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