Married couple Ernesto and Helena own a tobacco field in Northwest Argentina. The huge property is located far from people, and is surrounded by mountains and jungle. Their marriage is failing and the spark between Ernesto and Helena is long gone. When Helena’s young and mysterious cousin Joaquín arrives from rehab, the dynamics of the house change completely. Joaquín’s presence unleashes repressed emotions and desires. In a heavily symbolic film, director Barbara Sarasola-Day depicts the powerful forces of human emotions, and challenges the traditional patriarchal structures in the Argentinian society

This text is from the Films from the South Festival, where the film had its Scandinavian Premiere.

Original title Deshora

Country Argentina

Year 2013

Director Barbara Sarasola-Day

Producer Federico Eibuszyc & Jhonny Hendrix

Production Company Pucara Cine, Antorcha Film

Norwegian co-producer Dag Hoel

Norwegian co-production company DHF AS

Runtime 1h 42m

Language Spansk

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