Flapping ... is a dark and sensual drama on the intricate emotional consequences of sexual intimacy. Huyen is a beautiful and brooding student in teeming Hanoi. Her good-for-nothing partner Tung, has an insatiable desire for sex, which leads to a pregnancy. They reluctantly agree to end it and must resort to increasingly desperate measures to gather funds for an abortion. This involves betting on cockfights and Tuyen prostituting herself to a man with a fetish for pregnant women. However, her relationship with him evolves, and the young woman wanders into a new and previously unchartered psychological territory. This bold debut feature, graced with a distinct visual style and a keen feminine sensibility, clearly establishes Nguyễn as one of Southeast Asia's most exciting, young directors

This text is from the Films from the South Festival, where the film had its Scandinavian Premiere.

"Vietnamese helmer Diep Hoang Nguyen's sly, sensual, politically probing debut is a knocked-up drama with a difference."

"Poised in its mise-en-scene, poetic in employing visual panache and precise in capturing details which hint at the harsh realities of inner-city life, Diep’s film offers a sensitive, sensual and surprisingly candid representation of sexuality and adolescence in Vietnam."
-Hollywood Reporter

Original title Dap cánh giua không trung

Country Vietnam

Year 2014

Director Nguyen Diep Hoang

Producer Nguyen Diep Hoang

Norwegian co-producer Alan Milligan

Norwegian co-production company Film Farms AS

Runtime 1h 39m

Language Vietnamesisk

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