In director Mehrdad Oskouei’s documentary about juvenile criminals in Iran, he narrows his study by focusing on a group of girls who are serving time for murdering a male relative. By using personal video letters as a way to get to know the girls better, the director gives the spectator a unique opportunity to hear their stories and criticism towards the Iranian society - surrounded by tall prison walls.

Having that said, one of the most surprising aspects of the film is all the life and laughter that exist amongst the imprisoned girls. At times, they are playing hopscotch and doing meditation to classical music. This creates a balanced experience for the viewer, making it an authentic portrait of the imprisoned girls.

"a startling, raw confrontation with Iran’s patriarchy."
-The New York Times

"Sunless Shadows offers unparalleled, poignant insight into Iranian society. Sunless Shadows is such a brilliant documentary because it treats the subject matter with the gravitas it needs"
-Screen International

Country Iran

Year 2019

Director Mehdrad Oskouei

Norwegian co-producer Carsten Aanonsen

Norwegian co-production company Indiefilm