Cinema is a weapon. At least it is for the Bolivian filmmaker that we meet in Yvy Maraey: Land Without Evil, a philosophical road movie and peculiar metafilm about self-understanding and encounters between people. But is it a documentary or is it fiction? A documentarian traces the steps of Swedish explorer Erland Nordenskiold from the highlands of La Paz to the forest swamps of South Eastern Bolivia. The documentarian aims to explore the Guarani culture, but above all he seeks to understand himself. Kandire poses more questions than it answers, and is a beautiful film about identity and meaning in contemporary Bolivia

This text is from the Films from the South Festival, where the film had its Scandinavian Premiere.

"A beautiful meditation on origins and identity"
-Hollywood Reporter

Original title Yvy Maraey: Terra sin mal

Country Bolivia

Year 2013

Director Juan Carlos Valdivia

Producer Matthias Ehrenberg, Joaquin Sánchez, Juan Carlos Valdivia

Production Company Cinenómada

Norwegian co-producer Petter Borgli

Norwegian co-production company PJB Picture

Runtime 1h 47m

Language Spansk

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