Jamaican RAISED BY GOATS selected to participate in Sørfond Pitching Forum

The project was invited to attend the Sørfond Pitching Forum from La Fabrique Cinéma of the Institut français at the Cannes Film Festival.

Since 2020, La Fabrique Cinéma of the Institut français has partnered with Sørfond - Norwegian South Film Fund. This year, the Jamaican project Raised by Goats by director Gibrey Allen and producer Nadean Rawlins has been invited to take part in the Sørfond Pitching Forum in November.

The project is a multi-generational suspenseful drama set in 1962 Jamaica about a grief-stricken woman, Trudy (23) who finds renewed hope and new love within the mysterious and mystical Blue Mountains. More information about the project can be found here.

Two projects selected

Raised by Goats is the second project invited from a total of six that will be invited this year. The first project, MOA, was selected from Proyecta at Ventana Sur in December 2023. MOA – which also participated in La Fabrique Cinéma of the Institut français – will be directed by Marcel Beltrán and produced by Paula Gastaud.